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Bran Van Recordings a HYDROPHONIC label

Based in Montreal, Canada, Bran Van Recordings is an independent label dedicated to digital downloads and CD releases. Far from a standard dance label, Bran Van Recordings represents no one specific sound or style. Instead, it is fueled by a dedication to release the deepest, most brilliant sounds from the underground circuit and digital southpaw. Exploring the crossover zone between club music and all other genres, Bran Van Recordings releases are always truly original and adventurous forays into unknown territory. Emerging from the pop hybrid collective Bran Van 3000, that initially turned heads in 1997 with radio-primed single “Drinking in LA”, Bran Van Recordings’ sound is colored by an assorted mix of electronic music & hooks sampling anything from electro to trip-hop to metal to bluegrass to rock n’ roll. Bran Van Recordings’ unique catalogue includes original productions by E.P. Bergen as well as re-edits and remixes of previously unreleased Bran Van 3000 tracks. Bran Van Recordings is distributed worldwide online.

Contact: info@branvanrecordings.com

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