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Vancouver born, Montréal - Toronto raised drummer’s son, singer songwriter, DJ , producer,

audio sculptor.

Eric-Pierre (E. P.) finds passion in delivering  unique sound, from the drums to the guitar,

the computer keyboards to baritone singing. Also known for co founding and

co producing Bran Van 3000 back in `94 -`96 in his home studio, which later won a Juno

Award for best alternative album “GLEE”.

He toured with the original group all over America and Europe

in fancy tour buses previously occupied by Prince and Bob Dylan.

The B V 3 group also opened up for BJORK, MASSIVE ATTACK, PULP, PRODIGY, MOBY ...

Culminating to a headline show at the 2008 Montreal Jazz Festival rocking out in front

of no less than 180 000 people with his buddy James Di Salvio.


E. P.’s musical talent enabled him to score 3 feature length movies for TV

including HBO, a few documentaries and numerous TV spots ranging from GM ,Chrysler,

Volks, Nike, Burger King,  Bacardi, The Gap all the way to a few for well known and Montreal

based Cirque Du Soleil.

Earlier, he began his career working with French rocker Jean Leloup  to

co produce “Johnny Go” The hit went to number one on French radio.

That  song actually was the first hip hop beat to play on mainstream radio with full

rotation in Montreal. It really opened the door to Hip Hop and R n B in that once

predominantly pop French radio market.


He discovered young Mitsou in the ‘80’s, in a synth-pop band

called the The DANZLAB. He released his first 12 inch single at the age of 19

with producer MC Mario in 1986. I Want You Babe by ERIK and the DANZLAB

released in Holland and Germany on ZYX, Rams Horn and Unidisc.

Later E. P. toured with Mitsou as back vocalist and opening act when she did her own

record with Pierre Gendron who he introduced her to in a trendy new wave bar

called The Sphynx in 1984.

To return the favor, Pierre Gendron and brother Michel produced E.P. Bergen’s first

eponymous album distributed by Sony Music . Their advice helped E. P. understand the

background mechanics of show business. In 2008 he released his “Angelic Kingdom”

album on iTunes, Amazon, Zune X BOX as well as many other sites.


Bergen spent the last year re-mastering and editing two solo albums, from his

body of work spanning over a decade. The first:: “Airport Lounge”  an underground

tech house trance album that also features a spectacular vocal performance

by ANGGUN. It was originally released in 2002 before the iTunes and Facebook revolution

The album also features the song “ EL Camino “ mixed in 1999 by Big AL for Readymix


The latest:: “ Cooking Jams” (electro cuisine) an ambient electro album made for cooking

shows, dinner parties, book reading, homework , design or bedroom sessions.


E.P.’s next phase will include remixing songs he wrote at age 17,

working on future Bran Van 3000 songs, donating vocal performances

for other DJ-producers, as well composing new songs for 2013-2014.

You might even catch him on the decks doing his DJ sets at select events.

To be continued...


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